Business CreditWise:SM always free, always on, always insightful

Business Creditwise dashboard

Business CreditWise is a totally free credit report tool for Capital One customers. You'll see your report in a dashboard built for business owners that gives you always-on access to your business credit data. You'll never have to pay to see your report, file a dispute or find out where your business stands.

Business CreditWise gives Capital One customers every feature, FREE, from day one.

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Business CreditWise—powerful learnings applied to business.

free business credit report

CreditWise® from Capital One was created as a free way for everyone to check their personal credit scores. Built on the promise of free reports, an easy and evolving dashboard and curated data, these learnings have been applied to create a business-class tool for small business owners with Business CreditWise.

We partnered with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to build this exciting tool for business owners. LexisNexis is a global leader in regulatory and business information and analytics. This data partner means that Business CreditWise is powered by an industry leader that tirelessly works to provide quality insights, data and technology resources to Business CreditWise users.

LexisNexis' information network has over 3 petabytes of legal and news data with 65 billion documents. That's a lot of data being leveraged across industries, including business credit reporting.

The intuitive dashboard, ease of access—and being 100% free, of course—from our personal tool have all found their way into Business CreditWise. These features have empowered users to make informed decisions with their personal credit reporting and they're doing it again for business owners.